Saturday, April 10, 2010

Read-a-Thon Update #3: A Musical Mini-Challenge

Still reading The Ninth Avatar. Less than 100 pages to go. Review up tomorrow.

For this hour, I bring you Kate’s Book, Score, Soundtrack Challenge! Since I love music as much as I love literature, this is truly the challenge for me!

So here is your challenge:

1. Choose a song (sung or instrumental) that represents a chapter that you are currently reading or have read during the read-a-thon thus far. If the book was turned into a movie, and this chapter was shown, what music would you want in the background to convey the emotion or environment.

2. List the book/author/chapter that you choose along with the song(s) you choose.

3. Give a quick synopsis about the chapter (No SPOILERS please!) or the circumstances that take place and why you chose the song to represent it.

I actually posted this song and fan video for another mini-challenge in the last Dewey 24-Hour Read-a-Thon in October 2009. But I love it so much. Tristania's "Beyond the Veil" is the ultimate Epic Kickass Anthem. And there is indeed plenty of ass-kicking in Todd Newton's The Ninth Avatar, which deals with, among other things, vengeful warriors, vengeful wizards, a vengeful traitor seeking redemption, undead armies, and the requisite Dark Lord.

If I had to choose a particular chapter that went with this song, I would say it's the one featuring the humongous battle of the undead army v. the vengeful warrior v. the vengeful wizard v. the vengeful traitor seeking redemption v. dragon v. the gargoyle.

For more Tristania (and yet a third posting of this song), click here. The genre is Gothic metal.


Valerie said...

Well, you are making good progress! Keep it up!

BiblioMom said...

I think that this is a unique challenge.

Keep up the readathoning!

jehara said...

a word, a sentence, a paragraph, a page. . .
continue on to that final sigh of contentment
and then do it again. :)

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