Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"Predicting the Next Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Book"

By Sparky
Anita: Humpa humpa humpa HUMP HUMP

Asher: Pain pain woe, angst, no-one finds me shaggable anymore except Anita and Jean Claude and Narcisuss and absolutely everyone who sees me. Woe.

Anita: humpa humpa HUMP! *PING* oooh a new super power! It involves sex!

Jean-Claude: *is randomly blamed for whatever problems new super-power brings. Puts running an entire city full of vampires and world wide vampire politics on hold AGAIN, to deal with Anita’s issues*

Mother of all darkness: I AM SCARY!

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Damn, I keep hearing about how this series totally goes way downhill. I've only read the first book and loved how awesome and kickass she was! You know, the more I hear about this "ardeur" power she acquires, the more squicked out I get. So apparently Anita and all these men have no choice but to constantly have sex? That's not empowerment, that's . . . really rape-ish. *shudders*

TV Tropes, as always, has more information.


Caitlin said...

It's great up through Obsidian Butterfly. After that one she started writing really awful soft core porn an many of her fans began to actively loathe her. I've kept reading, hoping for something better. The last one was actually fairly restrained (compared to others) leaving me with a glimmer of hope that she may have gotten her sanity back. I realized that I've read 16 - half I loved, half I wanted to burn. So the next book moves the scale for me. If I hate more than I like, I'm done with her. If I like more than I hate, I'll keep reading. I can pretty guess which way it'll go and that sucks because this was a great series.

E. L. Fay said...

Despite all the awful stuff I keep reading, it still sounds better than Twilight.

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