Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Salon

The Sunday

I've been absent for almost two weeks!

I know I've been saying for the past two months that I've fallen behind - thanks to a new job, a move, and then illness - and am in the process of catching up. And then I claim that I am just about caught up. This time, however, that is actually true. As of Thursday, October 21, 2010, I have completed all of my reading/writing obligations that went to the wayside in late August. I read and reviewed Portrait of the Mother as a Young Woman, Dante's Paradiso for Richard's read-along, Shiver for the Horrible Dare Challenge, and now, finally, Karen Tei Yamashita's I Hotel for The Front Table. That last one was my final hurdle. This week, you can expect not only my post on Old School for the Non-Structured Book Club, but also a review for Juan José Saer's The Sixty-Five Years of Washington.

And so, it is official: I'm back. Back to blogging and perusing other blogs.

I would have done a Sunday Salon last week, except I had a friend staying for the weekend and it was also my alma mater's yearly alumni celebration, which meant lots of reunions and various keynote speakers. I have no plans for today other than going shopping and finishing the Saer book, although it is shaping up to be gorgeous weather. I hope everyone's reading and writing are going as well as mine and I look forward to catching up on all your blogs.

In spirit of the season, I shall leave you with another scary Halloween video:

(That first image is a painting by super-scary Polish artist Zdzislaw Beksinski.)

And now for your weekly link round-up:

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Richard said...

Glad to see you back, E.L. Fay, and hope you're enjoying the Saer novel (he's among my current faves based on all of two or three books of his that I've read). However, as glad as I am to see that that work finally got published into English, I'm still fuming that the idiot translator/publisher decided to change the title to something ridiculous that didn't exist. What makes them smarter/more creative than the guy who actually wrote the book and called it something else entirely? Like I said, idiots! But still nice idiots for translating the work, I suppose (sorry for the rant, but I haven't had my coffee yet today, ha ha).

readerbuzz said...

I imagine that I am the world's biggest chicken. I didn't get past the second sentence in the video before I had to shut it off!

Amy said...

Congrats on being back and on being caught up!

E. L. Fay said...

Richard: Thanks, it's great to be back! I'm actually not crazy about this particular book, which makes me feel kind of bad. My review should be up in a couple days and I welcome your input.

readerbuzz: Well, the images aren't particuarly scary - it's just what the voice is saying that's rather disturbing.

Amy: Thanks!

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