Monday, October 11, 2010

Breathing Water

Just some Halloween season creepiness I found. This is "Breathing Water" by Inhale. I'm not quite sure how to classify this - was going to say ambient/electronica but then read that they're considered metal. . . WTF? Anyway, I discovered this "song" in the "Music" section of TV Tropes's High Octane Nightmare Fuel page, which had this to say:
It's an eight-minute-long track that isn't so much a song as a nightmare being quietly related over creepy ambient sound. The "singer's" voice is mechanically slurred into the Uncanny Valley, so the emotion seems detached and disjointed, and it's hard to even tell its gender at parts. It details slow death by drowning, but with parts so surreal as to truly ring true as a nightmare, like there being presents floating everywhere, and the singer trying to hold onto them to keep from sinking. The beginning and the end are slow fades in/out to the sound of buoys clanging rhythmically...heard from underwater.
Don't say I didn't warn ya.


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