Thursday, April 2, 2009


Okay, I tried to edit my template and my blogroll vanished. . . Sorry everyone, I'll have you back up if a jiffy!

Update: Bear with me. . . I'm workin' on it. . .

Update: Okay, fixed everything.

What happened was, I tried to use this template from Our Blogger Templates. But not only did it delete all my widgets except for the categories list, the formatting was messed up anyway! Luckily, I had taken Blogger's advice and downloaded my original template first. It's too bad though, because I really liked that Morning Drink design. It is so much more professional than the background I have right now. I mean, Cristi's Creations has great stuff, but I'm getting tired of those copy-and-paste template sites. They're so . . . "family blog"-looking. (And good grief, who isn't using the Cutest Blog on the Block?) But I've heard horror stories about people messing with their HTML and losing their entire blog so I'm very hesitant to try this again until I can find a computer wizard to help me out. Basically, you're supposed to download from Our Blogger Templates instead of simply pasting a few lines of code into your pre-existing HTML. If you've successfully installed a background from OBT, I'm very interested in hearing how you did it.


Mrs. C said...

Well, much as I love the visual aspect of your site, it is still the content that brings me back. (And I, for one, am not using Cutest Blog on the Block--quite obviously!)

I haven't messed with my site much, ever, because (a) I really haven't had the time, and (b) I have been concerned that doing such COULD mess w/ the thing, and I REALLY don't have time for that...

My biggest concern as I approach the end of this academic year is whether and how I can withdraw postings into a stable so that I can RE-post them starting in July when my new batch of next-year babes are starting their summer work...About 80% of my posts were written to pattern ways of thinking as my kids progress through the course, concept by concept...I'd love your child-of-the-interwebs-savvied advise: Think I should just copy-paste those into a word doc for reposting later?

Oh! And here's a thing I wanted to share: I DID manage to cull 20 copies of DRAWERS & BOOTHS andmy kids will be reading it as their final piece of the year/most innovative of forms in May, and I am gonna REQUIRE they come into my 'blog and discuss; Ara has volunteered to discuss WITH them--Yippee! Would you perhaps join in? Your voice is so sound, doll, really, and I so want my kids to "get" that their intellectual world can be stretchy and inclusive and unpredictably populated in more positive ways than merely the creepers they run into over at the myspacebookfortwits spots...

My verification word? "crozlyt"--so much healthier than original croz, you know!

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