Monday, May 9, 2016


Hi. It's been awhile since I just lost interest in this blog and ghosted everyone. I just wanted to let you all know that I am now on Goodreads and currently in the process of exporting all of my old reviews to there. It's been quite an experience rereading them. There were a few books (Moo Pak was one) that I had completely forgotten about and couldn't even tell you what was in them. I've also realized just how incredibly long-winded I could be and have been cutting out paragraphs left and right! (And let's not even get into the nonsense I wrote in my Republican days.) Any new reviews I write for Goodreads should be fairly short but I might post here again if the book warrants a longer one.

I've also discovered Booktube but have been largely disappointed so far. I swear, these people read nothing but the latest overhyped YA. As a minimalist I do get a strange satisfaction out of book unhauls, though.

In other news, I am now in library school to become an archivist and have gotten into collecting small vintage editions of the classics.

To anyone out there still following this blog, I hope all is well!


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