Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Baiting Richard

"Ghostflowers" by Otep. Unusually for me, this is an American band.


Richard said...

The baiting worked! Not sure what was funnier, though: the part where the singer mouths "quid pro quo" (first time I've ever heard that in a song) just before the band gets all worked up and angry or the fact that a Bing Crosby Christmas post is highlighted as one of the three You might also like: related posts below the video. "Thanks," E.L.!

Eileen said...

Oh well, the Bing Crosby post was also a music post so that's probably why it was highlighted.

What I like about Otep is that she's a female singer of American-style metal similar to Disturbed, Puddle of Mud, Slipknot, etc. I loved this music before I got the European stuff but always wondered if there were any female performers. Metal has an epic energy you just don't get in other popular genres and I felt that women were missing out. Luckily I've since found out otherwise. Look up "female death vocals" or something similar on Youtube sometime.

But I agree, the "quid pro quo" part was kind of silly.

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