Tuesday, November 22, 2011


My ~300 square foot studio is full of art. My favorite thing about this city is its vibrant arts scene with its numerous galleries and events, from the outdoor summer festivals to the artisan fairs that pop up every weekend during the holidays. Open year-round are the thrift and antique stores full of unique items at great prices. In addition to the high ceilings, southern exposure, hardwood floors, and old building, the best part of my apartment is art.

Over the dresser. Three original photographs, a woodblock stamp, and a ceramic piece from a funky independent boutique.

An original watercolor from a local Mid-Century Modern antique shop. Over Bookshelf #1.

My grandfather painted this. Leaning against the wall on Bookshelf #2.

My grandfather painted this too.

A pencil sketch of me drawn by a random guy at the coffeehouse in exchange for a hot chocolate.

Authentic original print by Hasui Kawase. Purchased dirt cheap at an antiquarian book fair. Restoring and framing with proper archivist materials was not cheap.

Mounted photo dated 1989, showing an interesting architectural detail from a Russian Orthodox church in Maynard.

Handmade letterpress poster from a festival.

Small piece of cardboard I hand-pressed at a local printing company. Pen and ink sketch from a thrift store.


Anonymous said...

I love the little tv! I wish we had that in our house instead of the real thing.

Sarah said...

I second softdrink on that!! :)

Thanks for sharing this - adds to my excitement about the idea of having a cute little apartment of my own soon.

Your grandfather's paintings are cool. I have one from my grandfather too - very special piece.

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