Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Top 10 Trends I'd Like to See More/Less Of


5. Steampunk

I think there's already plenty out there and I just need to read it. Love love LOVE steampunk fashion.

4. Standalones

There are so many series out there already and most of us really don't have the time.

3. Indie Bookstores

Do yourself and your local economy a favor!

2. Cthulhu Mythos

OF COURSE. Steampunk Cthulhu, now there's a story!

1. International Literature

Because America doesn't read nearly enough.


5. eBooks


4. "Chick Lit"

Insulting the intelligence of women everywhere.

3. Twilight

Please go away and take your diehard fangirls with you.

2. "Celebrity" Novels

How the hell does a piece of tripe allegedly written by Snooki end up as a New York Times bestseller? ENOUGH!

1. Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

Look, I love me some True Blood but this is getting ridiculous! Most of the stuff is clich├ęd and cheesy as hell.

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MJ said...

I have got to read a steampunk novel. I love the style!

And I went back and forth about including indie bookstores on my list - I'd like to see good ones become a trend, but they are so hard to find.

Anyways, my list is here, if you're interested.

Kae said...

I'm so jealous of your Indie bookstores. Not only am I Canadian, but I'm small town Canadian... I have to drive a few hours just to get to a Chapters!

I wish I had thought of Celebrity novels. I very much agree.

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