Friday, May 13, 2011

Bookshelves in the Bathroom?

Apartment Therapy has an interesting theme going on. First it was "The Bathroom as a Room" then "Totally Gorgeous Toilets" and, most recently "Art in the Bathroom," among others. But this got my attention!

"Bookshelves in the Bathroom". Hmmm, you know, I love this photo. So very dreamy and serene. But realistically, I feel the same way as I did about that distressed walls inspiration post. They're lovely pictures and all and I would certainly put one in a frame on my wall, but they're just not liveable (unless said walls are in an old village in France or Italy). As far as the books go, the humidity will destroy them and the bookcase itself will probably just be out of place, like one of those "circle the items that don't belong here" picture games.

This looks like they didn't have enough room in elsewhere in the house. And then there's the manners issue. Seeing a stack of reading material in the bathroom is way TMI. Ugh.

An entire magazine rack? Really?

Great decor is marred.

I suppose this is more tasteful but . . . yeah, still not feelin' it. Look, if you want to have a big old bookshelf filled with antique leather volumes to go with the crumbling wall in the vintage bathroom of your medieval Tuscan villa . . . do take a picture and send it to me.


Emily said...

(Laughing) I have to agree with you. Yet there is this whole concept of "bathroom reading" ... I don't know, maybe I'll understand it at some later date. And that is all I'm going to say about that. :-)

E. L. Fay said...

Another thing that bugs me - uncovered wastebaskets in bathrooms! What's that all about? Ew.

Anonymous said...

Re the first picture, those aren't even books that people read anymore. Encyclopedias? Lol.

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