Saturday, April 16, 2011

More Anne

Unclutterer has a new post answering the question of how a tchotchke-free home can be inviting. Here's what Anne had to say:
. . . And now when I travel I purposely avoid buying decorative objects just for the sake of it. Alternatively (as I used to do) you could buy the very cheap, but modern and stylish, made-in-China ornaments that are readily available these days and just throw them away when necessary (such as when moving home). I find that objects only feel like clutter when they are difficult/expensive/too valuable to throw away (and to hell with the green you-must-recycle-everything preachers!).
To which I replied:
Oh dear. Are you the same Anne who a few days ago was just proclaiming that anyone who enjoys owning physical books is a hoarder unworthy of this hallowed website? Soooo . . . it sounds like those empty shelves of yours, after you destroyed your books, are being used to house cheap, disposable crap made in Third World countries with questionable labor practices. To hell with social justice and the environment!

Really, you say the darndest things.

If you have a perfectly good item you no longer want, sell it or give it away. In the meantime, you'll have to find a place in which to store it. Which then makes it . . . clutter.


pwb said...

She'd have a heart attack if she saw my flat...maybe I should invite her round ;)

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