Monday, March 21, 2011


My checked bag went to Tulsa!

Finally two days later I get it back. Meanwhile, my laptop died and took my MP3 player with it. The computer power cord was located in said bag that went to Tulsa. And I can't recharge my Sandisk without it because it has to plug into a USB port. So I had no Internet and no music until 7:00 this evening, when I found a ride and hauled myself down to the local airport, where I knew said bag was now located. United Airlines was just incapable of delivering it.

Conversations in the Cathedral was also in said bag. I could've spent the last two days reading it! But on the upside, I got a $50 gift certificate towards my next airline tickets. Hopefully I can also get the $25 baggage check fee refunded too.

Oh well, other than that, I loved my trip and promise to get back to regular blogging right away. I've finished two books. One was well-written but way too long. The other was awesome until about three-quarters of the way through, when the plot exploded into an epic hot mess. Will be writing all about it!


Anonymous said...

At least your bag took the long way home, instead of getting lost on your way TO Albuquerque!

Emily said...

Oh crap! This reminds me of the time David's bag went astray & then the airline had it delivered out to the rural lake house where we were staying by an extremely devout elderly Italian Catholic lady who tried to convert us to the True Church before surrendering his luggage. I think David still has the pamphlets & rosary she gave us. (She was very disappointed to learn that he was not Catholic even though Italian-American.) So, at least you didn't have inconvenience + evangelism? ;-)

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

What a way to spoil a trip. We've had that happen only once --which was enough, but now I carry on whenever possible.

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