Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I am told that a big monster Snowmageddon has engulfed the Northeast and turned the whole region into the Ninth Circle of Hell. Schools were closed, roadways shut down, 13,000 flights canceled, buildings collapsed, and ten people are reportedly dead.

This did not occur where I live.

Downtown at 5:30 this morning.

According to the local paper, we got 2-4 inches last night and another 2-4 inches late in the afternoon. Now this is a city located in upstate New York that sees an average of 92.3 inches of snow per winter with daily temperatures in the twenties, sometimes well below. So this recent turn of events is more than a little ironic.

(This continues to amuse me greatly.)

*sigh* Well, I was hoping for my workplace's first snow day since 1991. But on the upside, the washing machine in my building has been broken since at least Saturday (if not before), which necessitated a ten-minute walk this evening to the laundromat. I am very grateful that the trek was feasible and the place was open because I had no socks or underwear left. Except they charge two dollars to use the washing machine and another two for the dryer! I didn't have enough quarters and had to put a five-dollar bill into the coin machine. Now I have an ungodly amount of change.

So, that was me for today. Any other anticlimactic snow stories out there?


Brenna said...

I live in the Milwaukee - we got 22 inches of snow in about 10 hours. It was crazy. I had my first snow day from work and since I didn't have to go anywhere, I was a happy camper.

JoAnn said...

Pretty much the same story here. Over 70 area school districts closed, but the storm was a bust. At least we finally missed one. We're up to 122" on the season and counting...

Short Story Slore said...

Out here in Chicago everything was closed! It was a fun snow day from work for about half the day, then I had to get out, even if it was just a walk to Walgreens. I'm just glad I don't have a car - many were parked in the middle of the street because they got out of their parking spot but couldn't drive down the unplowed side streets.

Anonymous said...

If nearly crippling myself by shoveling is anticlimactic then yes...that is my snow storm story. We got about 12" I think.

Emily said...

We are such lightweights out here in Portland (OR) that last month there was a night when snow was merely PREDICTED, did not materialize AT ALL, and people still stayed home from work, drove around with chains on their cars, etc. the next day, as if they were navigating make-believe, invisible snow. My coworker, who just moved back here from NYC, said that people in her apartment building were shocked that she was going to work the morning after the Snow Storm That Didn't Happen. "You're LEAVING THE BUILDING??" they asked, unbelieving. And she was like "Um...yes...because the weather is perfectly fine and there's not even a dusting of snow. Also, it's about 47 degrees out."

Our garbage collection and mail also failed to come the morning after the fake snow storm. Silly Portland.

Anonymous said...

Glad you're not in the Ninth Circle of Hell (although a case could be made for laundry being in that circle).

At the risk of having snowballs flung at me, it's been in the 70s out here. I'd kinda like to have a snow day sometime.

E. L. Fay said...

Brenna: Now see, that's what I was hoping would happen! But the Snow Gods deserted me the one time I was praying for them.

JoAnn: We would probably be up to 122 inches too, if it wasn't for a weekend of freak 50-degree weather back in January that melted most of the snow. Which has since been replaced.

Short Story Shore: But they made the poor Walgreens people work?

Sarah: I actually have no idea who shovels my walkway and driveway. I live in an apartment so maybe it's the landlord? Or the city?

Emily: OMG, srsly? That's . . . wow. I don't even. . .

Softdrink: Well, it's going to be 36 today which is pretty warm, especially with sun. You know you live in upstate NY when 36 degrees is considered warm. I will be leaving my hat and gloves at home.

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