Thursday, July 29, 2010

This Background! This Header!

So I just got this vibrant new background from After a long period of background-hopping and header-changing, I had finally arrived at a combination that I liked. But it had been awhile and my old look, courtesy of The Background Fairy, was starting to feel a little washed-out. So I went through the list of Blogger design sites I had compiled (located at the very bottom) and, after long deliberation, decided on this one.

But! I'm not sure my header looks quite right anymore! What do you think? Be honest!

(Note: This is a three-column background. Even though I have two-column blog, I prefer to use these for a cleaner, less cluttered look.)

Update: New header added after my last comment! Like? Dislike? Actually, I find myself wondering if it would look better with the two-column version of this design.

Update #2: Here is a screenshot of the two-column option, which looks too crowded to me. How about you?


Richard said...

Your header looks bigger than I remember. Not necessarily shabbier, though. And if you don't include a photo of handsome young author beefcake on top, Frances might criticize your lack of "eye candy." Just so you know!

Emily said...

I agree with Richard - your header looks somehow bigger. Did the new background (which I quite like, by the way) change the resolution on the rest of your blog, or something?

rhapsodyinbooks said...

I like the way the inside column moves and the outsides stay put. It sort of has a psychedelic feel to it. I like it! And I'm glad you kept the koi box. Definitely a plus, and the fish match the sides. But is that cyrillic I detect on the sides? Tsk, tsk. Good thing you aren't living in Arizona. Heaven only knows what they could make of that!

E. L. Fay said...

Richard & Emily: No, the blog resolution hasn't changed. The header is the same size; I guess this background gives it the illusion of being bigger.

Jill: Yes, I love my fish. So lifelike! I actually don't see any writing, though, but that's probably because my laptop screen has the tendency to cut off blog backgrounds.

So, everyone: Does my header look right with this new background? I'm worried the styles don't match, with the header being Art Nouveau and the background being contemporary grungy/shabby chic.

Anonymous said...

Your last comment just said what I was going to say (except without the actual correct terminology). Your header (which I've always liked) looks too fancy for the background (which I like, too, btw). I think it needs a few less swirls.

E. L. Fay said...

Hmmm . . . So how 'bout the new one? I'm going for a stylistic contrast between the grungy, distressed background and the clean, bold, classical-looking lines of my new header. Or did I miss the mark?

Kathy Martin said...

I like the look very much. I do like the header with the new background. The black in the header echoes the black in the background. And I really love black text on a white background. I find that the easier combination to read.

E. L. Fay said...

I really love black text on a white background. I find that the easier combination to read.

Yes, so do I! With all due respect to Richard, I've read that a lot of people find light text/dark background annoying to read (although it doesn't bother me). And it's always bugged me when the middle part (where your posts go) has a design instead of a solid color. It's too busy and can interfere with the words, I think.

JoAnn said...

Black text on white is much easier to read. I really like the new look!

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