Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sunday Salon

The Sunday

I woke up to three inches of snow. Yes, it snowed last night. What the unholy freaking name of. . .

Happy Mother's Day to all those who did not wake up to winter weather! (I'm sorry, but I just can't. It snowed. In May. The trees have leaves and they have snow. DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW WRONG THAT LOOKS???)

At the time of this writing, which is 10:30 pm, most of the snow has melted and the forecast is calling for temps in the mid-50s tomorrow. It's supposed to be 56 on Tuesday. So hopefully the snow will, you know, take a hint.

In other news, this has been a productive week for me. I received a package from Frances that contained not only her extra The Rose Tattoo ARC but also a surprise copy of Roberto BolaƱo's Antwerp, just out April 30! Thanks Frances! Of course, I got that read and reviewed right away. I also finished The Rose Tattoo so expect that review maybe tomorrow.

I am happy to report that Borges and I have made significant progress in resolving our differences.

I have completed the Lord of the Rings read-along! My post on Tolkien and racism is here.

Right now, I'm reading Margo Lanagan's Tender Morsels, which is the May selection for the Non-Structured Book Club. Or I'm trying to - a gang rape scene just came up and I can't seem to get past it. I'm not usually a timid reader but wow, is this really YA? I really don't want to read that scene but I can't just skip without feeling guilty, like I'm doing the book a huge disfavor. That's something else I'll work on tomorrow.

And so, once again, Happy Mother's Day to everyone! Have fun, uh, making snowmen!


rhapsodyinbooks said...

The bad stuff in Tender Morsels is all over with after the first 50 or so pages. After the gang rape it's all more or less good - not to worry! :--)

readerbuzz said...

If it snowed here in May, I'd start worrying....We're shocked when we get a little snow in December!

JoAnn said...

Snow for Mother's day is just wrong - even around here!! And it kept snowing all day... Funny though, it didn't stick in the backyard (near the lake), but the front was completely covered.

You got a lot of reading done this week. I read (and loved!) Doreen for Persephone Week, am still plugging away with the Wuthering Heights read-along, and just started Molly Fox's Birthday (finally released in the US).

Wendy said...

Sorry about your unexpected weather! We haven't gotten snow, but we've had everything else in between. This has been a crazy spring! Happy reading ;)

Isabella said...

Snow here (Montreal) too! And still hovering around the freezing point. So, ugh, I can relate. Makes for good reading weather though.

E. L. Fay said...

Jill: Just got passed that scene. It is starting to look up!

Readerbuzz: Wow, you must be pretty far south then!

JoAnn: It's 55 right now and all the snow has melted. I hope all your snow is gone too.

Wendy: It is indeed crazy to see snow on flowers and trees with leaves.

Isabella: Oh no! It's freezing cold where you are? That sucks so much!

Anonymous said...

Snow in May IS wrong. We've had howling cold winds here for the last week, and I am so over it. Wind always makes me crabby.

Anonymous said...

Haven't started Tender Morsels yet...but I'm glad it gets better after that bit. I'm looking forward to it.

I can't believe you got snow...!! Here in ME it just got cold again. What a trip - snow on baby green leaves... :)

Valerie said...

"Tender Morsels" sounds tough, even if it gets less violent later on.

I can emphasize with you on the snow thing... we were getting snow as late as Friday (5/14)...(Colorado)!!

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