Monday, December 7, 2009

Thanks Trapdoor Books!

Trapdoor Books, the publisher of David Michie's The Magician of Lhasa, has given a shout-out to my review. Trapdoor Books is a brand-new outfit and The Magician of Lhasa is their debut release. Part of their mission is to take advantage of the new opportunities offered by blogging and the Internet to enable greater interaction between authors and readers.

Mr. Michie was also kind enough to leave a comment to let me know how pleased he was with what I wrote. My review was very honest - I really want to learn more about Buddhism now. The stuff about reincarnation is really cool and I think I'd be good at meditation (which has some major emotional, mental, and health benefits).

And also: another thanks to Dreadlock Girl for hosting Saturday's Read-a-Thon! It was thanks to the Read-a-Thon that I was able to devote most of my day to reading and reviewing The Magician of Lhasa. I've had so much to do lately that I was worried I had fallen behind.

Again, thanks to all!


Anonymous said...

Trapdoor Books seems like a really cool publisher - I just spent some time checking out their site. That's great that your review got special attention. I'd really like to find the book - you make a good case for it!

E. L. Fay said...

Thanks! I'm sure David Michie will be very pleased!

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