Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday Salon

The Sunday

A few Sunday Salons back, debnance discussed why she had gotten rid of her TV in 2003. She listed numerous reasons why this was the "best decision of my life," one of which was the freedom from irrelevant information regarding celebrities' latest bullshit. Me, I just naturally gave up on watching TV. It wasn't a sudden decision nor was it a complete one. I actually still have a TV in my room even though I rarely use it. But having grown up with the Internet, I find that I just can't abide by the passiveness of TV-watching. You have no control over what to watch. (If your show is not on or you don't like/have already seen the episode, tough.) You can't interact with anyone or anything - you can't comment on something you just viewed or send it via email or post it on Facebook. All you can do is sit and stare.

In other words: TV-watching turns you into a vegetable.

This topic comes up because I found myself unable to avoid the TV today. My brother, who is home from college, was cooking in the kitchen and had the kitchen TV blaring. So I went upstairs only to find that my sister was in the rec room watching TV with the home theater system on full blast. And guess what they were both watching? VH1's The Fabulous Life. Of the Hamptons. Of the World's Most Extravagant Heiresses. I couldn't escape.

I do not understand the appeal of those shows. All they seem to accomplish is making you feel resentful about all the stuff you don't have.

So I went to my room and turned on my TV. There was absolutely nothing on except for a marathon on Animal Planet of one of those "truth or fiction?" shows about mysterious creatures like the Jersey Devil and the White River Monster. I watched about two hours of this before I realized that there were better things to do.

Alas, I just couldn't get into Kristin Lavransdatter. I'm still not even finished with the second book and, having read a synopsis of the third one on Wikipedia, I'm honestly not looking forward to the third. It sounds like more epic dramz.

I have other books laying around I can read instead and I'll be getting new ones for Christmas. So things will look up soon.


Frances said...

Oh, I feel for you! Television on all the time leaves me feeling unhinged, agitated for some reason. I rarely watch it like you, and sometimes feel a little resentful when it is hoisted upon me with nowhere to run.

And Kristin? I did not write about the second part because I had such a dramatic negative reaction to it. Am 100 pages off finishing, and am contemplating drinking wine through the rest of the read.

But yes, things will look up! So many happier things in our future. Happy reading!

Richard said...

I thought you "kinda liked" KL, E.L. Fay. What made you come to your senses at last?!? Whatever, thanks for the lulz!!!

Richard said...

P.S. Please pass me some of that wine, Frances!!!

E. L. Fay said...

Frances: Darn! I was really looking forward to your snark-fest!

Richard: I think it was the prospect of having to put up with some 300+ more pages of it! But I will take one for the team and continue to try to finish KL.

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend ALWAYS has the tv on. I could live without it, though.

This is going to sound really bad, but the best thing that happens in The Cross is that Kristin. Unfortunately, it doesn't happen soon enough.

rhapsodyinbooks said...

There's only one way I live with my husband (who is addicted to any and all sports on television). We got TV Ears, and we are just like the ad that says "This saved our marriage!" It allows you to keep the tv on mute (for the sane person) while the insane person can watch anything he or she wants at any volume by wearing this little headset that picks up radio waves from the television. Very easy - just plug it into Audio Out and your home life is saved! :--)

readerbuzz said...

The tv is like so much of the world these your face...screaming...look at me, look at me, look at me. I think I could bear it if it were a bit more well behaved, if it knew how to sit quietly in a chair and read to itself.

claire said...

I also rarely watch tv. I also had a difficult time finishing KL, because it was so um.. boring (and annoying). BUT.. afterwards I felt like I owed Undset the chance to understand why she wrote it. I found the answer in the intro to the third volume. So I began to appreciate it, afterwards. However, I still really didn't like her writing, it was so not my type. I would've liked the story, though, if somebody else wrote it, lol. But good luck!!!! (You definitely need it.)

Gavin said...

TV is an evil brain sucking device. When I go to someone's house and it is on I catch myself watching it without even knowing I'm doing it. Scary stuff.

I actually kind of liked the third volume of KL..and think I have a better idea of Undset's reasoning. Have a great holiday, E.L.!

E. L. Fay said...

Softdrink: But she doesn't die until the end. That's the problem.

Rhapsody: That sounds like a great idea, but in our house they'd just get lost.

Readerbuzz: I know! Exactly!

Claire: I actually don't mind Undset's writing style. It's just what she's writing about that's starting to get annoying.

Gavin: You're the second person to say that - that the third book of KL is the best one. Maybe I will give a try?

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