Saturday, December 5, 2009

Read-a-Thon Updated #3

I haven't updated in four and a half hours!

Don't worry: I've been very busy. I finished David Michie's The Magician of Lhasa and got my review done. And then I took a nap. And then I had dinner. And then I won!

Now onto Roberto Bolaño's The Savage Detectives!

And also: MOAR KOFFEEEE!!!11!1oneeleventyone!!

And now for this hour, Seriously Reading wants us to post our favorite book covers. Here are mine:

Victor Serge, Unforgiving Years

Michelle de Kretser, The Lost Dog

Roberto Bolaño, 2666

Shreve Stockton, The Daily Coyote


Corina said...

Winning is always good! Congrats.

One of the really neat things about this readathon is that I am getting to hear about books I would never even hear about, let alone pick up.
Keep reading!

Bitsy said...

Congrats on winning a book! I too like the cover of The Lost Dog I'm picking up a copy of that soon!

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