Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Salon

The Sunday

This humor blog has been the source of much time-wasting for me this past week. Call me an elitist if you will, but as a neat freak who loves interior design, I am utterly astonished that people actually consider these places to live in. It's . . . it's . . . I just can't look away! Said blog is also the source of my most recent Wordless Wednesday pics. Since then, however, I have found much worse atrocities. Like this. And this:

You actually have to look at the off-site listing and see the rest of the photos to get a sense of the true horror of this place. As several commentators noted, the most freakish thing about this house is that the rest of it is so damn normal. It kind of reminds me of 2666: something about this scene/picture is horribly, horribly off. (Evil zombie clowns! Katanas bolted to the wall! Scythe in the corner! Hundreds of unsolved murders! Random cab driver beat-downs! Telepathic Indians! Lurking insanity!)

I actually almost forgot about 2666. The end is coming up! I have ordered the Kristin Lavransdatter trilogy off Amazon but it hasn't arrived yet. I also still can't spell "Lavransdatter" - I've been copying and pasting it.

I have just finished Kurt Vonnegut's Mother Night finished for the Good Books Club I joined over at Padfoot and Prongs. At first I thought it was like the 2666 read-along: that we'd each do a post about the book and other participants would comment. But apparently it involves a chat room. Not sure how that's gonna work but it sure sounds interesting. I've done forums before, but I didn't even know people still use chat rooms. I remember hearing about them a lot in the '90s. But anyway, I've got a ton to say about Mother Night so this should be great fun.

I finished Mother Night sitting at on a comfy chair with a tiny little table next to it on the side porch of my favorite coffehouse while the rain poured down all around. I love coffeehouses. This one is also an artist studio and has a great outdoor set-up. The back of the side porch faces the parking lot for Dollar General, but the coffeehouse owner put up a fence made of old shutters. There are paint supplies available for use and a little path leading through a trellis to the front yard.

Still reading Louis Menand's essay collection American Studies, one essay at a time. It's kind of like a short story anthology: you can stop anytime you want and resume at a later date without losing anything.

Now back to Lovely Listings. I've gone through fifty pages and I'm still not tired of crimes against real estate.


Anonymous said...

OH my gosh! It's so creepy! And everything else on that site is HILARIOUS. I loved your comparison to 2666.

Emily said...

HAHAHA! Oh god, the comparison to 2666 is horribly apt.

I can't spell "Lavransdatter" either, without peeking to make sure I'm doing it right. :-)

E. L. Fay said...

RR: And did you notice the OTHER creepy-ass pic on that site? I don't know which is scarier!

Emily: Lovely Listings actually features quite a few interiors that look like they could be used in a film version of 2666.

Gavin said...

Yikes, these are creepy. The comparison with 2666 is perfect, or how about a David Lynch film? Come to think of it 2666 is a David Lynch film...

Frances said...

You crack me up! And you can't spell what? I can't even remember the title to say it but I am determined not to disappoint Emily and Richard. I am sure I will love it and eventually learn to spell and pronounce the title correctly.

And please... no more listings! Isn't 2666 enough? Have you found a room with a one-eyed woman sitting atop a lame man yet?

E. L. Fay said...

Frances: I haven't found that yet but there sure are a lot of creepy doll pictures. Plus, on the second page, there's an abandoned, ruined house with what appears to a ghost in the mirror over the fireplace and black water in the bathtub . . . with something in it. I linked to it in my comment above.

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