Wednesday, May 6, 2009

2666 Read-Along

I found this on Nonsuch Book. I am definitely in!

Just ordered Roberto Bolaño's 2666 from the library. . . Guess I'll just have to keep renewing it and renewing it. . .

The plan, as laid out on Claire's blog Kiss a Cloud:

Beginning this first week of May, Steph and I are reading Roberto Bolaño's posthumous masterpiece, 2666, together. 2666 is made up of five books, all meant by Bolaño to be published separately. As it is, his estate decided to publish them all together in one volume, which may or may not have been the right choice. But consequently, a number of readers have expressed experiencing a burnout from reading the whole book in one go. Others suggest that to be able to enjoy this tremendous piece of work, it's helpful to read each of the five books singly, interspersing them with other books. That's what we've decided to do.

So the plan is to read one book a month. The schedule is as follows:
  • May ~ Part 1: The Part About the Critics, pp. 1-160
  • June ~ Part 2: The Part About Amalfitano, pp. 161-228
  • July ~ Part 3: The Part About Fate, pp. 229-350
  • August ~ Part 4: The Part About the Crimes, pp. 351-634
  • September ~ Part 5: The Part About Archimboldi, pp. 635-894


the_young_dude said...

That's a great idea, but I really don't I could do that just yet.. However, I'm glad that I've been warned about the length.. it makes sense to read each book separatly.

Larry said...

Interesting! I just began re-reading it in Spanish this weekend (it's 1125 pages in my one-volume hardcover edition) and I'm curious to see how your reactions will match up with mine (I plan on having a review up in 2-3 weeks, possibly first in Spanish and then in English, or perhaps vice versa). I wonder how the direct rawness of his Spanish prose will appear in translation.

E. L. Fay said...

Dude: I'll be sure to let you know what I think of each book!

Larry: Cool! As always, I am very interested in how translations measure up to the originals.

claire said...

So glad to know you are reading along! I hope you are able to keep renewing the book. If not, you may read at your own pace. :D

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