Wednesday, March 4, 2009

More Twilight (Sorry)

I know I shouldn't keep harping on this, but . . . wow. Just wow. Read this:

A petition to Stephenie Meyer (and her brother's obnoxious response)

It also does a brilliant job of outlining everything wrong with those books.

(Don't worry, I'll get back to real posting very soon! I'm working on a great one about Huck Finn!)


Mo from Unmainstream Mom Reads said...

Breaking Dawn did not turn out 100% like I would have preferred, but this whole outrage thing is getting kind of out of hand. It's been what...a year? People are going to need to let it go eventually. Holding on to this kind of anger for so long cannot be healthy and is possible obsessive.

There have been plenty of books I did not like, and I stated my opinion and moved on. I didn't contact the author to criticize them directly, nor did I write petitions asking them to rewrite it to my satisfaction. I certainly didn't complain on message boards or make a big deal about it.

It's been a long time now, and people need to move on. So they didn't like it. Oh well. There will definitely be other books in their life they do not like as well. They did not have to read the book in the first place, but they chose to. It's fine that they didn't like what they read, but do they really need to be holding onto that anger after so much time? Seriously, PTA and other organizations protesting a movie opening?

Eight year olds should not be reading these books, since they are not young adults. I think it's the responsibility of each parent to monitor their kids actions and to screen and research what their child reads. It's not up to Stephenie Meyer to make sure the books she writes in the YA genre are appropriate for young children.

All of the accusations about Edward Cullen being a spousal abuser are laughable at best. I was abused by my husband for six years before I had the courage to leave, so I know first hand that people are really blowing things out of proportion and definitely not speaking from experience.

Finally, the book is fiction. It's Stephenie Meyer's fiction and she truly can write whatever she chooses. They are her characters and her ideas, and people need to come to grips with that. Just because the Twilight Saga (at least 1-3) is beloved by much of the world does not mean those fans have the right to dictate how she should have written it so it would satisfy them.

Sorry to make this such a long reply, but it drives me batty that people are still complaining about a book that has been out for so long. People kind of need to get over it and move on to something they do like. Holding animosity and anger for this long is a really unhealthy thing to do.

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