Sunday, December 21, 2008

New Paris Interiors

A thought:

Interior design is applied art. It is the creative arranging of patterns, colors, furnishings, and different styles in order to compose a pleasing space to live in. Most human beings want to surround themselves with beauty - after all, your daily environment has a profound psychological affect, and it has even been conclusively demonstrated that color can alter mood. The question, however, is how to balance fantasy with reality. That is, where do we draw the line between art and practicality? At what point does the art aspect of the equation begin to dominate and result in a space that is aesthetically attractive but sterile? A home or hotel, after all, is not a gallery or museum.

I would like you to keep these questions in mind as you study the following pictures from the book New Paris Interiors. (There is a "leaf through" option that allows you to view the whole thing for free!) Are these rooms merely designers exhibiting their talent as artists, or are they truly viable places to live in?


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