Wednesday, October 15, 2008


LMAO. . . I've been having way too much fun entering my blog address into this website. The butchering of the Dante quote at the beginning of the last post is absolutely hysterical.

The Dialectizer!

Here's part of BorgSpace Madness! in "Jive":
Definitely mah' favo'ite aliens is de Bo'g. What it is, Mama! De Bo'g is spooky . . . likes de six-million dollar man, but on de outside. . . Half-robot, half-human, de mad eye comin' out starin' at ya', an arm likes some gattlin' gun, but mo'e complicated. . .

Dey gots some fantastic ship . . . some massive cube . . . likes Fascist architecture . . . ah' can imagine da damn Bo'g playin' Wagna' as dey loom down upside de side uh a planet. Man!

Dey're likes termites . . . dey 'esist as some whole mass but dey feed off oda' life-fo'ms, assimilate oda' life-fo'ms. Oda' life-fo'ms is irrelevent. Man! All dey're interested in be 'spandin' and furderin' de Bo'g. What it is, Mama! . . Nuthin ya' drow at dem dey kin dig it and overwhelm. WORD!

Dey're likes de Nouveau-Nazis uh de universe. You's've gots'ta admire da damn Bo'g. What it is, Mama!


Mrs. C said...

Good to get your comment--and I so appreciate that you haven't "said" anything yet about your thinking on Comedy yet--one-third of my kids have been stricken with something heinous (Oh good lord! I do hope the plague hasn't found 'em before we dive into Boccacio next month. That would be ironic...), so under the circs, I had to delay their exam. You have some great skills, child, so I know you will score something intriguing. My son finally this week found a nice little placement in NY that taps his fluency en francais and leaves his head free to write. Yours is coming--can you feel it? Turn that next dorner, and there it is, waiting for you to notice and take it up.

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