Friday, October 31, 2008

Vowel Deluxe

I found this on the BBC website the other day. A Canadian poet named Christian Bok has come out with a book called Eunoia, which is also the shortest word in the English language that contains all the vowels and means, quite appropriately, "beautiful thinking." Basically the purpose of the book is to demonstrate the flexibility of the English language and exhibit each vowel's unique personality.

A sample (for the letter u):
Gulls churr: ululu, ululu. Ducks cluck. Bulls plus bucks run thru buckbrush; thus dun burrs clutch fur tufts. Ursus cubs plus Lupus pups hunt skunks. Curs skulk (such mutts lurk: ruff, ruff). Gnus munch kudzu. Lush shrubs bud; thus church nuns pluck uncut mums. Bugs hum: buzz, buzz. Dull susurrus gusts murmur hushful, humdrum murmurs: hush, hush. Dusk suns blush. Surf lulls us. Such scuds hurl up cumulus suds (Sturm und Druck) - furls unfurl: rush, rush; curls uncurl: gush, gush. Such tumult upturns unsunk hulls; thus gulfs crush us, gulp, dunk us - burst lungs succumb.
As you can see, the visual appeal is quite interesting too.

Also, scroll down and check out readers' own attempts to write using only one vowel. ("A Lancs man asks 'Can that mad, bad, Yank MacCain catch Barack?' Lancs Man says Yanks want Barack? Fab!'")


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