Monday, February 13, 2012

The Music of Wave Aid

Does anyone remember those Wave Aid tapes from circa 1990? They were released by 94.7 KTWV, a smooth jazz/New Age station in Southern California. The goal was to raise money for AIDS research. I was born in Huntington Beach but we moved to Pennsylvania around that time. My parents must have bought their Wave Aid cassettes - we had numbers 2 through 5 - right before we left.

They became the music of my childhood. Even today I still remember listening to them on the stereo in our West Chester living room on weekends. I only rediscovered the music recently. Some tunes had stayed in my head for years, others I had forgotten completely until I heard them again and found them instantly familiar.

Now let's lay back, relax, and enjoy the mellow music of SoCal.

(Dang it, I couldn't find "Making Waves" by Acoustic Alchemy! That was THE song!)


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